Conquer the Past, Embrace the Present, and Prepare for the Future

Discover the best version of you and put yourself first with the Beautiful You Coaching App

Life Has a Way of

Beating Us Down

In life we’ve all experienced that rollercoaster of ups and downs, but when the valleys seem to outnumber the hilltops, it's easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of who we really are.

Life loads us down with so much baggage:

  • Bad relationships
  • Dead-end jobs
  • Family struggles
  • Low self-esteem

These types of challenges can leave you feeling lost, confused, and disconnected from your true self. Too often, we forget how life is about forgiveness and moving forward. We might begin to let our past define us and prevent us from growing.

When pain and sadness fill our lives, we lose sight of the bright future ahead and endless possibilities that await us.

But it's time to reinspire your journey toward self-discovery and happiness. It’s time to discover a community of like-minded individuals who will support you and help you figure out how to live life on your own terms and stop living according to the expectations of others.

The Beautiful You Coaching App is here to help you rediscover yourself and embrace everything that makes you truly beautiful.

Your Daily Dose of Inspiration To Succeed in Transforming Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Hi there, Beautiful!

I'm Coach Stacey Lepitre, founder and CEO of Beautiful You Coaching.

I wanted to create a holistic approach for women like you to reconnect with yourself, embrace your inner beauty, and conquer your past to prepare for a bright future. While many apps that focus on you tend to be a lonely experience, I know that you are stronger together than you are alone.

The Beautiful You Coaching App is perfect for any woman searching for guidance and support in life to make real change.

Features Designed to Support

Your Transformation

The Beautiful You Coaching App is packed with features that focus on every aspect of your life and self-care:

A Nourishing Community

The Community Feed provides you with the ideal way to connect with other members., ask questions and be inspired.

You’ll have the opportunity to join in on Live Beautiful Connection Events.This is where we come together (online) to play light-hearted games and get to know each other more profoundly.

There is power in sharing, laughing and loving together. It's all about building a connection and authentic relationships.

Pillar of the Mind

Building a healthy version of your body and soul all starts with the Mindset.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. That’s why this section focuses on overcoming negative thoughts, increasing self-awareness, and rewiring your thinking patterns.

Access the Affirmation Library and transform your mindset, while the weekly Journal Prompts will encourage you to reflect on how far you have come and how you’re feeling after every day.

Your Recipe Box

The Recipe Box focuses on your nutrition and what you put into your body. Take the guesswork out of eating healthy — receive access to new nutritious and delicious monthly recipes.

For our SHINE members, we have top-tier meal plans with easy-to-understand cooking and shopping guides. All recipes and meal plans are designed and tested by a licensed dietitian. Food is fuel, and what you put into your body will determine your thoughts and feelings.

Move Your Body

Ready to get that body moving and feeling its best? Shine Members have access to our Fitness Library , where we regularly connect for a fun and stress-free way of moving your body.

Experts from all walks of life come and join us to show you different ways to keep your body active, from yoga, dance or just going freestyle. Your Fitness Library brings the fun to getting active without any judgment.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a personal trainer; I just know the value of moving our bodies. I do encourage you to consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.

Food for the Soul

No matter how good the body looks, if we don't feel emotionally and spiritually connected to ourselves, it's all downhill from there. Food for the Soul lets you study God's word , reflect and meditate, find your higher purpose, and connect with God on a deeper level.

This is a devotional that is released every morning, so pop in and feed your spirit before you start your day. You can also join in on our Live Soul Study, a virtual bible study held on Saturdays, providing a space to connect and grow together.

Always Feel Supported

This is where I come in! I am a certified Life Coach who supports you in the journey of becoming your best self.

Feel stuck or have questions about how to move forward with your personal goals? I'm active on the app daily, ready to help you overcome obstacles and stay on track.

Take That Next Step In Your Self Discovery:

Choose From 3 Beautiful Memberships

No matter how you want to start your journey, Beautiful You offers three options to fit your budget and your unique needs.


Price: $17.99/year (14-day Free Trial)

Our most basic plan, but it still has incredible benefits to help you grow.


  • Access to our Healthy Mind, Body & Soul communities
  • Daily Devotions
  • Affirmations
  • Journal Prompts
  • Recipe Box
  • Habit Tracker
  • Journal Downloads
  • Access to Our Topic Driven Blogs
  • Private Community Feeds (you can be supported and encouraged by me, your Breakthrough Guidance Coach)


Price: $497/year or $47/monthly


All features included in the Rise plan, plus access to the:

  • Library of Self-Study guides with a new guide every month.
  • Library of Meal Plans with a full week plan with recipes, shopping lists and prep guides.
  • Meditation Library that includes a growing list of guided meditations.
  • Fitness Library with cue cards to create your own personal workouts – or you can follow along with one of our fitness challenges.
  • The exclusive Shine community with weekly challenges every Monday to keep you growing and thriving while building relationships with other Shine members.


Price: $997/Year or $97/Monthly


All features included in the Rise and Shine plans, plus access to the:

  • Monthly group coaching calls to ask questions and get feedback from your Breakthrough Guidance coach.
  • Weekly accountability check-ins to ensure you’re staying on track to hit your goals.
  • Annual paying members will also have access to Coach Stacey's personal calendar for one-on-one personalized coaching calls every quarter.

No matter the plan you choose, your Beautiful You journey will help you discover your best self, feel supported on your journey, and sparkle with joy in all aspects of life.

Ready to get started? Download the app today and start your personal growth journey here!



No matter the plan you choose, your Beautiful You journey will help you discover your best self, feel supported on your journey, and sparkle with joy in all aspects of life.

Ready to get started? Download the app today and start your personal growth journey here!


A coach will work with you to help you overcome weaknesses, develop new skills, move past limiting beliefs, and more. The benefits from coaching sessions are effective frameworks for dealing with the struggles of daily life.


Most life coaches working with individuals charge about $200-$1000 per month for a 30-60 minute call three to four times a month. You can have your ideal life, for those of you who find that one-on-one coaching is out of your budget there is a solution for you here within the Beautiful You Coaching app.


One month. Although on average, most people find coaching more beneficial than they realized and stay on longer than they initially anticipated – typically 9 months to a year.


No. The client is always responsible for their own life and ultimately, makes their own decisions and takes their own actions. The job of the life coach is to provide positive support and encouragement. While a life coach might challenge you to think differently or suggest that you try a different or even radical approach than you would normally take, the client must decide whether to take the advice or not. Life coaches do not in any way control the client’s thoughts, actions, or life.

If you feel bad after a coaching call, for any reason, let your life coach know about it. It is probably a miscommunication, or it could be that this coach’s style is not working for you. If this happens consistently, try a different life coach! 90% of the time or more you should feel uplifted and motivated to take action at the end of each coaching call. You should certainly feel good about yourself and your accomplishments.


We focus where the client wants us to focus: Your goals are our goals. Although, we might have some radical suggestions for just how to reach those goals more quickly. Don’t be surprised if you get some personal assessments and quizzes.




Yes! Our RISE membership tier offers a 14-day Free Trial.


Yes, you can always change your membership level. To do so, you will need to email to submit your request.


Email coach Stacey at Please allow a 24-48 hour window for a response. Unless over the weekend, as no support tickets will be addressed over the weekend or national holidays.



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